SDG Consulting focuses on “market intelligence” rather than on simple market research. Market intelligence provides a platform to develop or re-evaluate strategic plans. Strategic analysis can be made subjective in many cases, steered by individual bias or the inability to quickly recognize and accept changes in the market. Our approach aims to reduce and remove subjectivity thus increasing the quality of the information and proposals we provide to each client. Our experience, coupled with our relentless focus on the available data, guides every client engagement. This multi-faceted approach focuses on results.

Key elements of our process are to identify and characterize the competition, benchmark internal systems and holistically survey overall market potential. We closely work with our clients to ensure they can understand how their organization fits in the overall business landscape. With expertise in data analysis as our core competency, we build and analyze a matrix of data sets to provide comprehensive information for each client. Clients are not only provided a great detail of quantitative analysis but also short and long term tangible strategies for growth and improvement.