Workflow management is an important tool that helps an organization achieve their goals within a given time frame. The business landscape continues to be a highly dynamic one with little gap between periods of change. Adapting to this landscape can be immensely difficult, both due to internal and external realities. In the midst of solving today’s “crisis” strategic vision is lost and tactical execution suffers. SDG Consulting has helped a number of businesses recognize the need to identify and build out detailed and flexible workflow management processes. These processes are unique to every business, representing the multitude of differences between each business. SDG Consulting has witnessed first hand how simple organizational changes or appropriately prioritized workflow can create a world of difference for companies struggling to improve their bottom line.


SDG Consulting’s expertise is focused on a complete and thorough analysis of the individual processes, problems and goals within each business. We identify and analyze appropriate data sets to ensure the specific challenges within an organization are diagnosed. Once these challenges have been identified, tangible measures are outlined for the management to execute without exasperating its resources or overwhelming existing talent within the organization. We understand that each organization is bound by a finite amount of resources, thus we strive to unleash the hidden value of those resources and remove layers of waste and complexity. Our approach leads to measurable improvements in profitability and productivity both in the near term and the long term.