About Us

SDG Consulting Inc., delivers innovative and cost-effective services in diverse areas. From information technology consulting, to market research in new and emerging markets, to business process consulting, we have the expertise to provide clients with the guidance and strategies they need to build stronger and more profitable businesses.

Founded in 2008 by Anil Cherian, Ph.D. SDG Consulting Inc. is headquartered in Illinois. Our team is U.S. based and we strive for a personalized level of service that is second to none. SDG Consulting continues to expand its core competencies, leveraging advances in technology and methodologies to bring the best service experience to its clients. Our core vision is to achieve sustainable growth, while maintaining integrity and transparency in all of our business dealings.  This vision is driven by the simple motto Soli Deo Gloria, a motto that forms the basis for our company name and how we approach all aspects of our engagements.