Infrastructure solutions

Developing an IT architecture becomes a challenge for many small and medium business owners especially when they are balancing the needs of the organization. Many companies are stuck with legacy systems that are expensive to manage and even more expensive to replace. We recognize the need to provide solutions that balance the needs of the present with the needs of the future. For many clients we emphasize phased investments to achieve long term IT and business goals. Visionary planning enables clients to leverage SDG Consulting’s foresight into optimal utilization of existing CAPEX to build a flexible and modular IT architecture.



This industry buzzword has become a requisite to define greater efficiencies and reduced capital costs. Virtualization permits an organization to quickly scale their infrastructure to the needs of their business while reducing initial and ongoing costs. This paradigm shift enables companies to deliver improvements in services and flexibility to the businesses and consumers they serve. Although we focus on open source technologies like KVM and XEN, we also support VMware based solutions.


Data Archiving

Many small and medium business owners do not adequately plan and manage their data archiving and backup systems due to budget constraints. Improvements in technology offer many options to backup their data to tape, disk or network storage devices. Further, de-duplication software permits companies to extend existing resources further than ever before. We can help you design and implement systems to insulate your business from disaster as well meet newer and more stringent regulatory requirements.



In today’s mobility driven world, companies can no longer afford to isolate their data to the Local Area Network. Employees and customers demand access, with the device and technology of their choice. Unfortunately this new reality makes it harder for network administrators to keep their data secure. With a multitude of options available to small and medium business owners, SDG Consulting works with clients to identify the network components best suited to each organization. From content filtering and firewalls, to VPNs and mobile access, we have the experience you need to make your project a success. We support technologies from many vendors, including DELL, HP, Sonicwall and Cisco.


Enterprise Resource Planning

ERP is an integrated approach to streamlining businesses. Integration could be between product research and development (R&D), manufacturing, sales, marketing and service. Most ERP systems bring a multitude of desired modules that target specific business processes. Very few ERP systems are flexible, performance oriented and cost effective to bring companies a return on their investment. Many times ERP implementations drive a business, rather than the business driving the ERP implementation to help them achieve their goals. To bring our customers greater control of their ERP investments we focus our ERP practice solutions offered by SYSPRO.  As a SYSPRO Specialized Solution Provider, we provide customers with personalized SYSPRO solutions that encompass product planning, accounting, inventory management, finance and business analytics.